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Richard Brunt

Richard Brunt

You can call me toll free from anywhere in North America at 1 888 361 0014. I personally answer the phone, and will answer any questions you have. If I can’t pick up the phone, I’ll call you back as soon as I can. You will never hear “we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes….”. Nor will you get a lengthy list of menu options you don’t need. Those things drive me nuts!

Or send an email to: richard(at symbol)compostingtoiletscanada(dot)ca email image

or you can use the form below.


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11 thoughts on “Contact – with a real person!

  • Peter Matheson

    I recently purchased your urine-diverting insert for installing in my Tiny House On Wheels in British Columbia. I have been using it consistently as my only toilet for over three winter months and I am very impressed with the quality and performance. No smell, no mess, simple to use and difficult to screw up.
    For photos of my installation and tips on how I use this diverter go to:
    Thanks Separett

  • Kay Verdone

    What a wonderful invention. We now own two of these amazing poop decks. There is no smell.
    The vent above the cottage needs to be high enough for the breeze to catch the plume of smell. Otherwise the smell floats in the bedroom window. We live off of the power grid so our fan is solar powered. Very efficient. Another neat advantage is that the urine effluent stimulates the trees receiving it and we have what appear to be genetic anomalies. The leaves are 3 times their normal size. Kind of funny when guests ask us what kind of trees we have that produce such beautiful shade and can they have one to transplant. We highly recommend this toilet. When I found out today that compostable Glad tall bags doubled are a fraction of the price of the Swedish bags but work as well I was so satisfied. One last thing- When I phoned, I got a real person. This toilet beats an outhouse anyday when one is afflicted with IBS and proximity is a priority.

  • Bob Kirk

    Do any of the so called compostable bags work when not exposed to sunlight and air ? In other words will they continue composting when buried?

  • joseph vinci

    Hello ,We are looking to upgrade to a compostable toilet for our cottage . The type we are looking for is one that will work for our needs and do not want a compostable that will not handle up to 15 people especially when we have guests over .Thank you .

    Sincerely ,Joseph Vinci ,President of ZACHARIE INC 2000.

  • Craig Mouldey

    Hi. I’ve had my composting toilet just over a year. The fan has stopped working so I need a replacement. Can I get this from you? I picked up this toilet from a gentleman from Kingston (who has a farm in Marmora) in the parking lot of a Tim Horton’s in Marmora. Of course a little fan can be sent via mail. In which case I have two mailing addresses. If the item will be sent in packaging that will fit in a PO Box then it can be sent to my address: 1053 Lees Rd., Tory Hill, ON K0L 2Y0. Otherwise, it can be sent to PO Box 99, Wilberforce, ON K0L 3C0 to the general store. If I can get this item from you let me know and I will give you my credit card #. Thanks

  • Masha Wright

    What are the size dimensions and details (plugs or clamps) for the battery needed for the Separett 9210 villa 12V I don’t see them on the website where do you recommend getting one?

    • Richard Brunt Post author

      The wires on the toilet have alligator clips, which can adjust to the size of pretty much any battery post. You could take these wires to the store to make sure. I can’t recommend a store for batteries, but any store selling deep cycle 12 volt batteries could sell you one.