Nature’s Head Review

The Nature’s Head is a compact composting toilet originally designed for use on boats (the name “head” is the boating term for toilet). It quickly gained acceptance among

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

RVers and cottage owners who also appreciate the small size and the lack of odor.

It is well made of heavy duty, roto-molded plastic and stainless hardware. It is not flimsy, like a port-potti. I can’t think of any way this toilet could break under normal use. The focus seems to be on durabilty, simplicity and reliability, and I think they achieved that. The Nature’s Head comes with a 5 year warranty.

Because liquids are diverted, it takes a long time to fill up the Nature’s Head. It can hold 60-80 “solid uses”. After each use you turn a handle on the side, which rotates the compost and speeds up the composting process.

The Nature’s Head is a “urine separating” toilet” – the liquids and solids flow into separate chambers. This is, according to the manufacturer, key to ensuring there are absolutely no odors. You can see in the photo there are two drain tubes in the bowl that should capture most of the urine. The solids drop down when you open the trap

Nature's Head Composting Toilet urine drain forward

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet urine drain forward

door (shown closed here). The urine collects in a removable bottle.

When it is time to empty the solids bin, you open it up and place a compostable garbage bag over it. Turn the bin upside down and dump the contents into the garbage bag. The garbage bag can then be placed somewhere else to finish composting. You can put it in a compost bin. An old 5 gallon ice cream bucket also works great. Put a few holes in the lid of the bucket. Leave the garbage bag open of course.

Let it sit for about 12 weeks and you have finished compost. The finished compost can be placed on ornamental plants. Just to be 100% safe, you never put human compost on vegetables. A slightly more convenient solution is to buy a second bottom chamber from Nature’s Head. The bottom chamber is then just exchanged when full.

Nature's Head composting toilet urine pit

Typical French drain for composting toilet

Urine is sterile and does not pose a health risk. Still, you need to be careful where you dump it. Boaters and RVers can simply pour it in a regular toilet, outhouse or anywhere it is legal to take a pee. If the Nature’s Head is installed at a cottage, you should build a simple French drain. This is a small pit, filled with gravel, then covered with landscape cloth, soil and finally grass. A vertical plastic tube should be placed in the middle of the drain so you can pour the urine from the top down into the gravel. Some owners use a flexible plastic tube that runs right from the toilet into a French drain beside the cottage, so they never need to empty the urine container at all.

There is a small 12 volt fan built into the toilet to ensure continuous air movement. It runs on a miniscule .08 of an amp, but you need a power source. A 12 volt battery works well for boaters or RV owners. A solar vent can be purchased as an option, which means it will run without outside power (nice!). Cottage owners can order a wall adapter, then plug it straight into any wall outlet. The vent exhausts outside.

Things to consider…
The small size of the Nature’s Head means it will probably not work for more than 2 people full time.The simplicity of the design requires a bit more involvement from the user than some of the larger, more expensive composting toilets. You have to sort out what to do with the urine.

Nature's Head composting toilet remove urine bottle

Open the Nature’s Head

The Nature’s Head is a well-made unit that does what it is supposed to do. It is the least expensive composting toilet on the market at $875 plus shipping, and will fit almost anywhere. The Nature’s Head people are friendly and very easy to deal with. They stand behind the product. There is a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty. Should you need to return it, there is no “restocking fee” as there is with most composting toilets. It ships from Ohio by UPS, usually the next day.

Can you tell I like this toilet? I do. Two thumbs up.

Here is an excellent video on the Nature’s Head:

You can purchase the Nature’s Head here.

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