Extra Venting Hose


The Nature's Head comes with 5' of very high quality, medical grade, odor free, venting hose. You can buy extra hose, by the foot, for $5.00 a foot. Choose the number of extra feet you want in the drop down menu below, and the price will be calculated accordingly. Note: $5.00 will only buy 1 extra foot of hose (seems obvious but you'd be surprised).
Example: the toilet has 5' of hose included. So if you order a toilet and 3' of extra hose, you will get an 8' length of hose, and be charged $15.00.
Also, if you are installing in a permanent, non-mobile dwelling, you may choose to use PVC pipe, available at your local hardware store.

FREE shipping if ordering with a toilet. If not ordering a toilet, there will be a small shipping charge (and you may need 1 extra end fitting). Call me toll free to discuss 1 888 361 0014, or send an email.


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extra hose (feet needed)

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