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natures-head-3The Nature’s Head is an innovative, compact design ideal for cottages, boats or RVs. It eliminates the costly, complex, space-consuming and inconvenient holding tank and septic systems. The Nature’s Head is affordable, easy to install and simple to operate. It holds 60-80 solid ‘uses’, which means two people could go 6 weeks without emptying it. It produces organic compost – not raw sewage

Nature's Head composting toilet urine drain

Nature’s Head urine drain

The key to the success of the Nature’s Head is the urine separating design. The liquids and solids flow into separate chambers.  You can see in the photo on the right there are two drain tubes in the bowl that should capture most of the urine. The solids drop down when you open the trap door (shown closed here). The urine collects in a removable bottle.

Composting toilets have been slow to catch on, because of problems with odour. This has largely resulted from too much liquid mixed with solids. With too much moisture you don’t get compost – you get a stinking mass of raw sewage! By separating the urine from the solids these toilets solve this problem – resulting in odor free, trouble free composting.

The Nature’s Head is well made of heavy duty, roto-molded plastic and stainless hardware. It is not flimsy, like a port-potti. I can’t think of any way this toilet could break under normal use. The focus is on durability, simplicity and reliability.

This video explains the toilet in detail

Here are some of the features of the Nature’s Head:

  •     Proudly made in the USA – not China! Fair wages are paid. Strict environmental regulations are adhered to. Children are not employed.
  •     Five Year Warranty.
  •     Completely self contained and portable.
  •     All stainless hardware.
  •     Full size elongated seat for comfort.
  •     Disassembles in seconds for emptying.
  •     Composting handle can be mounted on either side.
  •     Vent hose and fan may be mounted on either side.
  •     Unit comes with everything for your installation except the external vent.
  •     Molded in toilet seat for safety and ease of cleaning.
  •     Fully supported liquid tank for applications where it extends beyond mounting pedestal.
  •     Translucent 2.2 gallon liquid tank allows for easy visual capacity inspection.
  •     Rear of main tank is angled for hull-side installation on boats.
  •     It’s AFFORDABLE!

The electric receptacle for the 12 volt or AC adapter is conveniently located on the top right of the fan housing. There is minimal current draw. The fan uses 0.07 amps, which is less than 1 watt at 12 volts. You will use 1.7 amp hours of battery capacity every 24 hours. Power-free installation is possible with the optional solar vent.The vent hose is attached to the fan side. A wall adapter is available should you want to plug it in to a regular household type receptacle.


Here are the dimensions of The Nature’s Head. You need an additional 2″ front to back, to allow for tilting the toilet top to remove the urine bottle (19.75″ needed, front to back).


Nature's Head composting toilet measurements

Nature’s Head measurements

Note there are two handles that you can choose from – the crank handle, and the spider handle, which saves 3″ of space.

Getting ready to use the Nature’s Head. Before using the Nature’s Head, and after each time you empty it, you need to put some coconut fiber or peat moss in the lower chamber, to help with composting. Below is an excellent video that explains how to do this.

When it is time to empty the solids bin, you open it up and place a compostable garbage bag over it. Turn the bin upside down and dump the contents into the garbage bag. The entire process just takes a few minutes. The garbage bag can then be placed somewhere else to finish composting.

Let it sit for about 12 weeks and you have finished compost. The finished compost can be placed on ornamental plants. Just to be 100% safe, you never put human compost on vegetables. A slightly more convenient solution is to buy a second bottom chamber. The bottom chamber is then just exchanged when full.

Nature's Head composting toilet drain pit

Typical French drain for composting toilet

Urine is virtually sterile and does not pose a health risk. Still, you need to be careful where you dump it. Boaters and RVers can simply pour it in a regular toilet, outhouse or anywhere it is legal to take a pee. If the Nature’s Head is installed at a cottage, you could build a simple French drain. This is a small pit, filled with gravel, then covered with landscape cloth, soil and finally grass. A vertical plastic tube should be placed in the middle of the drain so you can pour the urine from the top down into the gravel. Some owners use a flexible plastic tube that runs right from the toilet into a French drain beside the cottage, so they never need to empty the urine container at all.

There is a small 12 volt fan built into the Nature’s Head to ensure continuous air movement. It runs on a miniscule .08 of an amp, but you do need a power source. (In some situations, non electric installations are possible – call me). A 12 volt battery works well for boaters or RV owners. A solar vent can be purchased as an option, which means it will run without outside power (nice!). Cottage owners can order a wall adapter, then plug it straight into any wall outlet. The vent exhausts outside.

Things to consider…
The small size of the Nature’s Head means it will probably not work for more than 2 people full time.The simplicity of the design

Nature's Head remove urine bottle

Open the Nature’s Head

requires a bit more involvement from the user than some of the larger, more expensive composting toilets. However, this simplicity is also a positive, since there are no mechanical raking systems or heaters to require maintenance or break down. The only thing that could possibly fail is the fan, and that is a standard computer fan that can be replaced for a few dollars. The Nature’s Head should basically last forever.

The Nature’s Head is a well-made unit that does what it is supposed to do. It is one of the least expensive composting toilets on the market, and will fit in very small spaces. There is a 30 day money back guarantee, (buyer pays shipping, however) and a 5 year warranty. Should you need to return it, there is no “restocking fee” as there is with most composting toilets. It ships from Ohio by UPS, usually the next day.

Here is a good video with tips and suggestions:

The Nature’s Head is $1310 including shipping. (Canada only. Call for shipping to other locations). If you find it for less, please let me know!

Purchase the Nature’s Head here.

You can read frequently asked questions about the Nature’s Head here.

There is a detailed user’s guide here.

Installation instructions and videos are here.

Customer Feedback

Thanks again for being so prompt, skilled, and courteous in handling this order, Richard. Our society certainly would benefit from more folks like you. Much appreciated!


I love it!! Thank you for coming up with this design. My husband and I have crawled all over the web looking for something just like this and it’s actually affordable (when compared to toilets made by SunMar and similar companies). It frees up space where the black water tank would go.

Bree Gray-Eskue

Hi, just a short note to tell you how easy it was to install our Nature’s Head. I bought two units and put one in while a cruising neighbor watched. He actually talked me into selling him one of my units and installed it in his boat. They work great! I’ll reorder a second one in a bit, I’m redoing my 12 volt system as part of a refit before taking a 3 year extended cruise around the world. I’ll continue to spread the word.

Michael Garfield, aboard “Flexible2”

The Nature’s Head has worked great! I have a 30′ Pearson sailboat. The holding tank was way too small and took up room in what would have been a wet locker. It always smelled. It is illegal to pump over board and the pump out stations were not functioning most of the time . With four people on a 3 day weekend the holding tank would soon be overflowing. I looked at replacing the holding tank for a larger size but that reduced space further. I then started looking at composting toilets. The short answer is the first season in Maine the toilet worked like a charm. It doesn’t smell. It was simple to install and I was able to use the composting portion for the whole season with about every weekend use and a week family vacation with at one weekend 7 people on board! Urine disposal is quick and easy. It fits great in a cloth grocery bag and you simply dump it at the marina toilet. The only addition I am going to make is add an extra urine tank as we moor at islands that do not have marinas. The product works like a charm and I don’t have to worry about what my kids are swimming in.

Dr. David Boss, Maine

You can purchase the Nature’s Head here.

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by Bob Frieberg on Blank Product Name
Works as advertised

Simple to install, and it does the job. Took a bit of trial and error to get the moisture just right in the solids bin. It has to be just damp - not wet or dry.

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29 thoughts on “Nature’s Head® Canadian Distributor

  • Richard Lafreniere

    How long does it take for delivery to Gatineau PQ? At $1199.00 total.
    It’s good for how many years and do you have to store in the winter for seal?


    • admin Post author

      It would take roughly 2-3 weeks to get there. The Nature’s Head is built like a brick and should basically last forever. Warranty is 5 years. You do not need to store indoors. Freezing is no problem. The gasket could easily and cheaply be replaced, should that ever need to happen

  • Bernard Guilbault

    I am planning to install in cargo trailer,what type of vent cover comes with It ? I noticed the screw type for boats for extra . What’s
    your shipping time to the Shuswap area? Thanks

    • admin Post author

      The Nature’s Head does not come with a vent cover. You can get stainless steel mushroom vent, which is a very nice solution, for an extra cost. An RV store might have something a little cheaper. It’s about 2-3 weeks to the Shuswap area for delivery

  • Mary Bauer

    Just wondering. The latch on the right side of my NATURES HEAD toilet no longer stays connected. I latch the toilet then place duct tape over it to keep it secure. Do you sell replacements? Or is there anything you can suggest for me to fix it so it stays latched.
    A reply would be appreciated.
    Thanks so much

  • Doug Rennick

    We are in London Ontario,and wondering if we purchase one of your toilets,do you have a qualified dealer/installer in our area.

    • admin Post author

      We don’t actually recommend installers, but it’s a pretty easy job. We are here to talk if there are any problems. I am the dealer, but I’m not in London.

  • mike

    We have a naturehead.Its has worked very well. I used the vent that goes through roof of our 5th wheel..Just plumbed in a 1 1/2 ty
    Now the urine is a differerant story We fill it up 1 1/2 days. Manny times 1 day.I am thinking of removing the bottle and plumbing it into the unused black water tank.
    The other thing I would like advise on is disposal of solids.We cant carry this and wait for it to finish composting.

    • admin Post author

      Emptying the urine every day or so is pretty normal, but agreed, it can be a hassle. Some people carry an extra urine bottle. You can certainly remove the bottle entirely (including the support for the bottle), and attach a flexible water pipe to the urine drain spigot with a clamp. You need gravity to drain it, obviously, as there is no pump. The only small consideration is, when you empty the solids bin, you probably have to remove the urine drain hose. A tight friction fit, and maybe a finger clamp (no screw driver) would be good.

      As far as the solids go, in an ideal world they should be composted but in reality that can be tough when traveling. I would bag it in a regular plastic bag and throw it in the dumpster. It is certainly no worse that throwing away dirty diapers.

      • mike

        Thanks,we did just that.This was our first dump.We are full time and we my have went longer then suggested . I did plumb urine into black water tank.Works very well. We did have one issue,that solids waste leaked out side through crank handle. I,m thinking that was because we went to long to empty. Has this been and issue with others. The tank seemed a little watery , could this be a peatmoss problem.

        • Dan Becker

          I think your urine is overflowing to your solids tank, I had this problem. I have three and use them in an Ice Fishing Bungalow business and am considering installing a fish tank water level alarm or hooking up some kind of an overflow to an extra tank.

          • admin Post author

            A water flow alarm (like a bilge pump alarm?) would be good. However, the level of liquid can be seen through the bottle, so most people just keep an eye on it.

  • Bob Brandow

    Hello Richard, thanks for all the time and info you gave me even though it was after 6 pm, now that is dedication. Your info sight is great, info videos with good information and with a bit of humor. Will talk to yea tomorrow on ordering one of your units, plus will tell other camping friends. Thanks again, Sincerely Bob B

  • Why does it matter?

    You keep talking about urine and feces but what about toilet paper? How does it break down toilet paper because obviously women especially use it all the time.

    • admin Post author

      Toilet paper is no problem. It composts very easily. All toilet paper goes into the toilet. It may take a little longer for the tp to break down.

    • admin Post author

      The Nature’s Head does not have these approvals. However, the Separett is ETL approved. I can email you the ETL label for the Separett if you like.

  • amy

    Hi, couldn’t you put a composting bag in the solid waste bin and then just pull it out and dispose when needed? Would this affect the toilet’s ability to compost? Just seems cleaner, easier and more efficient. I’m not sure I want the hassle of taking the toilet outside to empty when needed. Also, I’m assuming evertime you empty the solid waste you need to start over with fresh compost material – peat moss or coconut bark?


    • admin Post author

      The composting bag works for the Separett, but not the Nature’s Head. That’s because the Nature’s Head rotates the contents after every use, and that won’t work with a bag.

  • Amanda Lang

    I saw mention of ordering a second bottom chamber for added convenience when removing the compost, but I don’t see them available to order separately. Is it possible to order a separate bottom chamber? If yes, how much are they?

    • admin Post author

      They are available, but I don’t list them on my site as I like to speak with people and make sure they really need it. Most people do not. It’s $265 US, plus shipping, so it would be in the range of $400 Canadian, plus taxes.

  • Geoff Craig

    Does having your head in my boat meet all Coast guard or other sewage regulations in states like California, Washington or Hawaii