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Separett Composting Toilet

Separett Composting Toilet

Urine separating toilets like the Separett represent the first true advance in this technology in many years.

Composting toilets have been slow to catch on, because of problems with odour. This has largely resulted from too much liquid mixed with solids. With too much moisture you don’t get compost – you get a stinking mass of raw sewage! By separating the urine from the solids the Separett toilets solve this problem – resulting in odour free, trouble free composting.

Separett composting toilets are only now becoming widely known in North America, although they have been used and proven in Europe for over 10 years.

Here is how the the Separett works:

Separett composting toilet urine drain

Separett urine drain forward


Urine is separated in the bowl. There is a drain in the forward section. Urine will naturally flow into this drain when we sit on the toilet. If standing, you may need to aim slightly forward. Standing may result in splatter, therefore the manufacturer recommends that men sit down to pee.

The blue ‘trap door’ or ‘view screen’ seen in the toilet bowl on the right opens automatically when you sit down. The solid material drops down into the lower compartment, where it rapidly dries out and shrinks dramatically.

The urine drains away from the Separett, and is then disposed of in one of 3 ways. Urine is sterile (or very nearly sterile) and does not pose a health risk.

Separett composting toilet inner compost bin (removable)

Separett inner compost bin (removable)

Soilds are contained in a lower bin, lined with a compostable plastic bag. The solids rapidly dry out, with the aid of a fan. This is critical to the success of the Separett, because the focus is dehydrating the material. To be blunt, dried poop does not stink. Because the material is shrinking rapidly, this bin will only need to be emptied about once a month or so, depending on the number of users. 2 bins (and 2 lids) are included with the toilet.

Solid waste never comes in contact with the inside of the Separett. It is all contained in the compostable bag. This makes emptying the toilet clean, fast and easy. You simply open the toilet, close the plastic bag, and take it outside to finish composting in a compost bin.


Separett composting toilet venting options

Separett – venting options

A big advantage of the Separett is that you have several venting options. Many other composting toilets MUST be

Separett composting toilet inside with inner bin removed

Separett Toilet – inner bin removed

vented through the roof only, because of odor issues. The Separett operates virtually odor free, so direct venting through the wall is also possible.

All composting toilets should be ventilated. If they are not, any smell will have nowhere to go other than into the dwelling. A small fan (built into the Separett) is the best way to do this. If there is no power available, you can try a passive vent that rotates in the wind. If at all possible, I strongly recommend using the fan. You can use a deep cycle (RV or marine) 12 volt battery, and a small, inexpensive solar panel to charge it. That is all the power you need. I do understand that some people have very remote cabins, and don’t want the hassle of electricity.

Below you can see an outdoor toilet installation, with no power and a rotating vent.

This might be fine in an out building. In your house, you’ll need the fan to eliminate any chance of odor.

There is now only one Separett Villa model – the 9210 DC/AC. It comes with a much mre powerful fan than the previous 9210 DC/AC. The one speed 9210 DC fan uses about 3 watts. The 9210 DC/AC does come with a wall adapter, so you have the option of plugging it into a regular outlet if you wish. Both fans are very quiet, slightly louder than a whisper.
The dimensions of the Separett are as follows. These diagrams are in metric (sorry!).

total height           541 mm  =   21.3″          height to seat       440 mm    =   17.3″
wide                     456mm   =   18″             deep                     672mm    =    26.5″

The Separett is $1544 including shipping in Canada. ($1479 before shipping)

USA customers please visit the USA site. Call for shipping cost to other locations outside of Canada or the USA.

5 year warranty.

Made in Sweden by well paid and fairly treated workers.

Note: The Separett Villa does not come with the child seat mentioned in the video.

You can purchase the Separett on my secure order page here

You can read frequently asked questions about the Separett here

The Separett toilet is ETL certified in Canada. Please click on the label to read more.Separett ETL certification label

This is an excellent video review of the Separett from a recent customer of mine.

Here is a video on installing the Separett. Note: The Separett Villa does not come with the child seat mentioned in the video.

Typical Customer Feedback. Zero unsatisfied customers to date.

“I did a lot of research when looking for a composting toilet for the new rental house I was building on my property. I decided upon the Separett 9200 Villa that separates liquid waste from solid waste. It seemed to make sense that separating the solids from the liquids would increase the decomposition rate of the solid waste, keeping it drier as well, which in turn would decrease any unpleasant odours indoors. That was four years ago, and really, it was the smartest decision I could have made.The Separett toilet not only looks smart but it is the easiest, non fuss system you could use. For two people, the solid waste bucket gets emptied into the specially designated outdoor bin, for further decomposition, maybe once every 4 weeks. The liquid waste I simply diverted into the existing plumbing of the building, and there is no smell, none! Honestly, for a waterless system, it is clean and so simple to use that I don’t understand why every household, especially those in more densely populated areas, do not have one of these in their home. Not only that, but by doing a few very easy things to aid in furthering along the decomposition of the solid waste in your contained area outside, you can have the blackest, richest soil to use in your garden later! I will be using this system again, in a new building, soon to be completed, and when/if my current septic system in my own home finally requires a clean out, forget it, I’m putting in a Separett waterless toilet.”

– E. Posgate

“We really like the Separett toilet. It is perfect for the location of our log cabin in northern Saskatchewan. It works very well. This is a great product and the service we have recieved from you and your company has been exceptional. We truly do appreciate this service.” – Charles C.

“At first I was skeptical about the Separett being odorless. My first test the May 24th guys long weekend, do I need to say anymore. This toilet performed flawlessly, it’s easy to install, clean and maintain (emptied once a year). Need a new septic system? Why spend $25,000 when you can buy a Separett at a fraction of the price with less maintenance and hassle. – Barry J. Clayton.”

“I liked my brother’s Separett toilet so much I went out and bought myself one” – Wayne L.

“We love our Separett Villa. It is truly odorless and is very easy to maintain” – Bruce and Mary T.

“I love the Separett toilet. Works like a charm!” Brian L.

“This is one fantastic device!” Eric B.

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Composting Toilets Canada
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Tim O'Connor on Composting Toilets Canada
Perfect for guest house

We have a very nice artist studio on our acreage, but no water to it. With this toilet we turned it into a guest cottage at very low cost. It works great.

by Marcel Savoie on Composting Toilets Canada
Intense use

Two out of the three 9200 serie toilets we bought are now installed in our park and functioning. We are very satisfied with the product. It is so much less maintenance than the Nature Head model we had. We love the "urine in the ground functionality" Finally something that really works commercially. I can’t wait to put the third one in service.

by paul Davidson on Composting Toilets Canada
It works as promised

I can't rave enough about the Separett toilet. Previously we used a SunMar composting toilet an it was a piece of S#*T! It did not compost, hard to clean, continuous fly problems, a plugged urine line and it was huge. We never could get any help with our problems. The Separett toilet was simple to install and it works. Easy to remove waste, no smell, quiet and is the size of a normal toilet. Only down size is you have to sit to pee and sometimes males junk touches the urine separator. After my experience I would give this toilet a 11 out of 10. I would recommend this toilet without hesitation. As for the SunMar toilet I refuse to even sell it because I would feel like a thief taking anyones money for such a piece of junk.

by Donna Telep on Composting Toilets Canada
Long wait but worth it!

I have waited 25 years for an indoor toilet at our cabin and have done my fair share of research for the "perfect one". I thought I had it all figured out until I came across the Separett and am so thankful that we waited. We don't have power at our cabin so purchased a small battery for less then $50.00 to run the fan. A big concern that I had was that the vent would be quite close to an open kitchen window but I can assure you, there is no odor. Love my Separett and would highly recommend it. I personally think the bags are worth their price in gold ... super easy to just toss in the outhouse when leaving.

by Kay Verdone on Composting Toilets Canada

What a wonderful invention. We now own two of these amazing poop decks. There is no smell.

The vent above the cottage needs to be high enough for the breeze to catch the plume of smell. Otherwise the smell floats in the bedroom window. We live off of the power grid so our fan is solar powered. Very efficient. Another neat advantage is that the urine effluent stimulates the trees receiving it and we have what appear to be genetic anomalies. The leaves are 3 times their normal size. Kind of funny when guests ask us what kind of trees we have that produce such beautiful shade and can they have one to transplant. We highly recommend this toilet. When I found out today that compostable Glad tall bags doubled are a fraction of the price of the Swedish bags but work as well I was so satisfied. One last thing- When I phoned, I got a real person. This toilet beats an outhouse anyday when one is afflicted with IBS and proximity is a priority.

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6 thoughts on “Separett Canada

  • Robert Loten

    This all sounds very good but I am concerned about the loudness of the fan. Does it run all the time? I live in Victoria, where can I see one in operation?


    • Richard Brunt Post author

      The fan is very quiet, similar to a quiet whisper. You can barely hear it. Unless the toilet is right beside your bed, I doubt if you would hear it.
      The toilets are sold direct to the customer, to keep the price as low as possible. There is no showroom or stores where it can be seen, unfortunately. They can be easily returned for the cost of shipping only (if in new condition), but that is extremely rare.

  • Jane Craik

    Hi – we are interested in the Separett toilet for an outhouse at our prospector tent. We do not have hydro but usually have a nice breeze of the lake. Would this suffice for the venting requirements?

    • Richard Brunt Post author

      It’s impossible to say, but in an outhouse it is worth a try. A rotating turbine vent would help. Then if it doesn’t work use a solar panel and 12 volt deep cycle battery.

  • Lorraine Theberge

    We have an Ecojohn SR5 toilet in our guest cottage and have had nothing but trouble with it. We can’t wait to get rid of it and replace it. This Separett waterless toilet seems ideal.

    I was wondering 3 things. How easy is it to install, can we use our existing roof vent? And where do we buy these compostable bags?

    • Richard Brunt Post author

      It is easy to install if you are fairly handy and have basic tools. If not, hire someone such as a carpenter or plumber. The vent needs to be 3″, with ideally no more than 2 90 degree bends. You can call me to discuss if you are unsure. You can buy bags from us, but many people are using generic tall size compostable bags, double bagged.