Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are getting extremely popular. They offer some people the opportunity to escape the lifelong, crushing debt often associated with regular housing. Here is a great article on how one couple made it work. Composting Toilets USA.

Tiny House

Twin Compost Tumbler

How to Compost Human Waste

How to Compost Human Waste This article provides a general overview on how to compost human waste. It’s not much different from regular composting, but there are a few important things to know. If you follow a few simple steps, you will be able to compost human waste safely and […]

Marine Composting Toilets

Marine composting toilets offer one possible solution for dealing with the difficult problem of human waste aboard a boat. There are several makes and models, but the principle is the same. Solid waste, including toilet paper, drops down into a lower chamber beneath the toilet bowl. A trap door keeps […]

Nature's Head Composting Toilet urine drain forward

Nature’s Head Review

Overview The Nature’s Head is a compact composting toilet originally designed for use on boats (the name “head” is the boating term for toilet). It quickly gained acceptance among RVers and cottage owners who also appreciate the small size and the lack of odor. It is well made of heavy […]